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Design at its best reflects many of the core values of AlDecor community,  it is
optimistic, inclusive, human-centered, and reflective. we thought about the Market and community core values and how our interactive marketing and events will continue to provide
opportunities that inspire our members and elevate the design community.

Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility by supporting AlDecor that your target market finds attractive.


Why become a sponsor of the AlDecor ? Aside from being a part of the leading network for the commercial interior design industry, your support enables us to provide professionals opportunities to share knowledge, forge relationships, and celebrate design.

Sponsorship geared to driving sales such as AlDecor  sponsorship can be an extremely powerful promotional tool.
Sponsorship geared to wide exposure to improve how organizations are perceived by their target audience.
AlDecor  offers different types of sponsorship through a variety of packages that include unique and tailored benefits.
AlDecor also provides unique opportunities for your organization to reach your targeted clients through AlDecor sponsorship.

Thank you for considering AlDecor  as a part of your company’s investment in the design community. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,

Platinum sponsorship package

For the best Exposure , long-lasting partnerships.


Discount Card

Sponsor’s logo will be put on card it self and all other supplemented print outs / Printed Media .
كل ما يخص الكارت من مميزات


Virtual Exposure:
1-      Website ( www.AlDecorEgypt.com ) (traffic: 1000K visitor per month)
-What: Logo or website link or other promotional material
-Where: the front page of the website, other pages, advertisement space, partners list.
2- Access by Mobile Application for Android / Apple phones

3-      Social Networks
1-Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/ ) ( 12.5 thousand Fans)
-What: logo, website link or other….
-Where: cover photo, posts on the wall, pages liked, promotional campaign (event)
2-Twitter (www.twitter.com/ ) (500 followers)
3-Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/ )


where your company will receive recognition for your contribution.

اقترح اضافة مميزات خاصة فى حالة تنظيم ايفنتات او مشاركات فى المعارض او ماشابه